Advice for your first class and Covid 19 Policy.

Firstly, try not to worry, we all started out as beginners! Here are few guidelines to make your class go smoothly, for you and other class users. We will welcome you into our friendly class and please be assured that we will take care to make you feel comfortable and safe. You will learn with ladies of similar ability to make you feel at ease and start at a pace that suits your level. Pole & Aerial classes will start with a thorough warm up, ability appropriate moves, and a cool down to help with flexibility and minimise risk of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Due to Covid you must wait outside or in your car until 5 minutes before your class to allow the previous class to leave, also to allow time between classes to allow for cleaning and equipment change over.

Do NOT attend if you are symptomatic and contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have been to a recent class and tested positive for Covid 19.

DO wear shorts and a vest/sports top for pole, a common fear is having to wear shorts, and a lot of ladies are self concious, but honestly, everyone wears the same, no judgement and friendly faces only. In colder months some wear long socks or leg warmers. The more skin out, the easier it is to stick to the pole. For aerial hoop/yoga you must wear leggings.

DO NOT wear any body moisturiser on the day that you come to class, it will make it difficult for you, and others in the class.

DO wash your hands with anti-bacterial handwash to get rid of unwanted moisture or oils from hands, soaps without moisturisers are better.

DO arrive to your class 5 minutes early, to allow time to arrive, park, and find the venue. Late entrants cannot be permitted due to health of safety as an instructor led warm up and cool down must be attended to allow us to teach any fitness. 

DO be sure that at Karrie's Pole & Aerial Ltd we have a diverse range professional poles by Lupit and X-pole in 40 and 45mm diametre, and good quality safety matting. All our instructors are qualified and registered in Pole/Aerial Fitness with Pole Fitness specific insurance, First Aid Certificated, & DBS checks. We do class bookings, only to ensure there maximum equipment time, so that you get a great class and feel the benefit.

"I had seen a video and thought right, I want to do that! Since doing it I feel stronger, more confident, and generally good about myself! And you will meet a great bunch of ladies! I LOVE POLE! XX

Nicole Fairgrieve Deley

"I've always wanted to do pole dancing but never had the courage till now to start, I started pole because I wanted to get into shape after having 4 kids. Now I have started I feel amazing about myself and feel better about how I look, that's what inspires me to come, I have a great time, have met new people and my confidence has grown"

Louise Reaney



Join your local Pole Fit company to help you tone up, get fit, lose weight, change body shape and build confidence. A team of lovely ladies will guide you through your pole journey from beginner to more advanced moves and help you achieve things you previously thought impossible. You will feel welcome in a friendly, positive environement. And even get the chance to have your hard work graded to achieve levels 1-6 with certification with our PDC 3* approved instructor & qualified assessor Karrie.