4 July 2016

New Beginnings & Competition Winnings!

July has been a big month for Karrie's Pole Fit. We have moved our Matlock venue for classes on a Wednesday and Thursday both at 7:30 pm, to The Fishpond at Matlock Bath in a stunning, spacious, and newly refurbished ballroom. We have 4 brand new dual line 45 mm stainless steel X-Poles that all have spin/static function and stand at 4.5 metres tall! There will be opportunity to book private/small group lessons before the group class on both nights, or at other times dependant on room/instructor availability.

Also Karrie Hammersley just entered her first pole competition with only 3 weeks to prepare and placed 3rd in professional category! Only 11 months after having her baby boy James she competed against 5 other polers that had all competed before and had been preparing routines for 5-6 months! If you would like to compete or perform let us know and we can help to guide you through making routines and creating your own performance!